The new Mocana IoT Security Platform builds upon the Mocana Security of Things Platform and includes significant innovations:

  • Mocana Trust Engine: A vendor-agnostic trust abstraction layer that allows device manufacturers to take advantage of the latest security chip technologies, such as the Infineon OPTIGA® Trusted Platform Module (TPM), ARM TrustZone, Intel SGX and Intel EPID.
  • Automated Certificate Management: Support for automated certificate management using Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) and trust chaining to ensure a lifecycle of trust for secure boot, secure firmware updates and trusted operations.
  • Full Stack Platform: The full-stack architecture and strong cryptographic engine ensure authentication, integrity, confidentiality, visibility and control for devices, gateways and cloud applications.
  • Simple API: The software abstracts the underlying hardware, enabling applications to call cryptographic functions through a single API. OpenSSL-compatibility interface allows customers to replace OpenSSL with a lightweight defense-grade crypto library.

Mocana is trusted by more than 200 manufacturers and IoT companies, and its software is integrated with more than 70 chipsets, 30 operating systems and supports networking environments such as SSL, SSH, multicast, IPsec and wireless. Mocana plans to introduce management and analytics capabilities later this year to provide a new level of visibility and control into IoT devices.