In the most basic terms, AlienVault’s mission is one of “simplifying threat detection and threat visibility” and ensuring businesses don’t get bogged down by having too many products.

“If you look at the world of antivirus, firewalls, web gateways, all the companies that put a wall between the hacker and the asset, that world is fairly commoditised,” Meftah told Silicon at InfoSecurity Europe 2017.

“Almost everybody has a wall and it just depends on how thick or high the wall is. Our hypothesis is that no matter how thick or high the wall is the hackers are going to breach the wall.”

“There are just too many products and there ought to be an operating system approach. Our aspiration is to create that security operating system through one orchestration layer and then have security products plug on top of that API."

“That way you simplify security. You have one infrastructure and then as the need for security controls arise you can just plug them on top. There’s no need for it to be complicated.”