Andrea Little @Limbago from Endgame conducted a very insightful research in this area.

In August and September, I surveyed over 300 security professionals, with three-quarters having worked in the field over five years, and 35% over 11 years. Their responses highlighted three key factors that have the greatest impact on retention: a lack of well-defined career paths, stress and burnout, and a need for cultural change across the industry. Without these, no matter how well we fill the pipeline, the skills shortage will only grow.

Cybersecurity jobs are too important to the economy, national security, and businesses to lose our best talent over preventable challenges. Fortunately, this mission is one of most important factors for security professionals and is a great competitive advantage for the industry. With a concerted effort to make professional lives better, we can funnel the talent pipeline into long term, productive, and satisfying careers that tackle one of the most important, dynamic, and impactful challenges of our time.