“Advanced threat detection alone is not enough,” said Sean Cunningham, Managing Director at Trident Capital Cybersecurity. “Enterprises increasingly realize that they must adopt new strategies for defense against cyber attackers. ReversingLabs solutions enable comprehensive content classification to support advanced hunting and analysis of advanced threats. We look forward to partnering with Reversing Labs to execute on their strategic growth initiatives.”  

Malware authors go to great lengths to hide their intent. A sophisticated, timely approach operating at enterprise-scale, is required to detect malware and help prevent breaches. ReversingLabs solutions provide security teams with a thorough automated analysis of all content entering the enterprise, with not only the ability to identify good or bad files, such as Ransomware, but to provide context through in-depth static analysis, enabling security teams to respond quickly and assertively to prevent breaches.  This context supports real-time threat detection but also advanced threat hunting and analytics.