As identity becomes the new security perimeter, BehavioSec is the leading behavioral analytics platform to prevent fraud or account takeover while also preserving great user experience.  Having secured billions of transactions for over 40 million users, the Company’s patented technology enhances identification and verification of users without relying on clunky tokens or annoying user interventions.

BehavioSec creates digital fingerprints of specific users by combining unique attributes such as keystroke cadence or finger pressure to create a clear picture of a user’s identity while working seamlessly across mobile devices as well as traditional computers or web browsers. The company answers the primary question for identity and access management – ‘Are you who you say you are’?

“Two-factor authentication isn’t enough given today’s cyber threat environment,” said Alberto Yépez of Trident Cybersecurity.  “That’s why leaders in industry are moving toward a layered authentication approach to continuously and seamlessly monitor and secure trusted transactions and eliminate fake or malicious user sessions.  We decided to invest in BehavioSec given production deployments authenticating user sessions for some of the most sophisticated financial institutions and governments around the world.  In addition, the company continues to lead the innovation in behavioral biometrics through close partnership with leading cybersecurity vendors and government agencies, including DARPA.”

“The advanced technology of BehavioSec enables ABN AMRO to take the next step in protecting our customers,” said Hugo Bongers, Director Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO.

“We are excited that both existing and new investors share our vision for behavioral biometrics and we will continue delivering on the promise to bring this decision intelligence to the masses in the coming years.” said Neil Costigan, CEO BehavioSec.