Hackers have crashed the Winter Olympics, apparently by using destructive malware.

Researchers Say Destructive Wiper Dubbed 'Olympic Destroyer' Hits Pyeonchang.

"There was a cyberattack and the server was updated yesterday during the day and we have the cause of the problem," Pyeongchang 2018 spokesman Sung Baik-you told reporters on Sunday, adding that attempted disruptions were not unusual during the Olympic Games.

"We are not going to reveal the source," he said. "We are taking secure operations and, in line with best practice, we're not going to comment on the issue because it is an issue that we are dealing with."

They say the malware is designed to delete shadow copies in Windows and to spread via PsExec (psexec.exe) and Windows Management Instrumentation (wmic.exe), which are legitimate tools built into Windows. Such functionality has been seen with both the NotPetya and BadRabbit attacks (see Teardown of 'NotPetya' Malware: Here's What We Know).