Insights from Myrna our new partner

As an ex-CISO, what advice do you have for the many startups at RSA Conference who are hoping to get attention and close deals? 

The challenge becomes how are you any different than the problem that your next-door neighbor in the expo hall is trying to solve? I've been across the table being pitched to, so I understand the dynamics of what makes sense, what grabs the attention of a particular buyer. If I'm wearing my old CISO hat the question becomes what are you solving for me?

What are your goals as a VC?

Someone asked me personally what would I like to see in venture capital over the next five to 10 years. Well, I'd love to see a heck of a lot more women in partner roles. I'm not sure of the stats, but I know it's very small today. I certainly want to see a higher percentage of investments for minority-owned startups and women-founded startups. I think it's very, very critical. One of my core values is walking the talk, advocating for the communities that I represent.